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About Us.

The name "Red Arrow" emerged from the immense joy and excitement our founders felt during their adventures, along with a dream to spread this happiness far and wide. Now, 20 years later, Red Arrow Adventures has become a well-known adventure company with a recognized tradition of quality and a notable presence in the Indian adventure sports industry.

Our Mission.

At Red Arrow Adventures, our mission is to inspire and enable unparalleled adventure experiences across India. We strive to create innovative and unique expeditions that challenge and exhilarate our clients. Our commitment to quality and safety ensures every adventure is executed with the highest standards. We take pride in our long-standing relationships with esteemed clients, including the Indian Armed Forces. Driven by passion and professionalism, we aim to leave an indelible mark on the world of Indian adventure sports.

Our Vision.

Our vision at Red Arrow Adventures is to become the leading name in the Indian adventure sports industry, known for our innovative and exhilarating expeditions. We aspire to expand our reach, sharing the joy of adventure with a wider audience across the globe. We aim to continuously set new standards in quality, safety, and professionalism in the adventure sports sector. Our goal is to foster a culture of exploration and excitement, creating unforgettable experiences for all. Ultimately, we envision a world where every adventurer finds their ultimate thrill with Red Arrow Adventures.


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Red Arrow Adventures has been a pioneer in delivering high-quality, thrilling expeditions for over 20 years, with a steadfast commitment to safety and security. Our extensive experience spans various adventurous activities, including white water rafting, mountaineering above 6000 meters, caving, snake and reptile rescue courses, paragliding with international FAI certification, hot air ballooning, mountain cycling, motorbiking, skiing, camelback expeditions, horseback expeditions, junglecraft, campcraft, and paramotoring. Each expedition is meticulously planned and executed by seasoned professionals who prioritize the safety and security of participants above all else. Our training programs are comprehensive, ensuring that every adventurer is well-prepared and equipped to handle the challenges they will face. We have proudly served the Indian Armed Forces, particularly the Indian Navy, consistently delivering top-notch expeditions tailored to their rigorous standards. This long-standing relationship highlights our expertise, reliability, and passion for adventure. At Red Arrow Adventures, we believe that our dedication to professionalism, organizational skills, and people-handling capabilities sets us apart, making every expedition a memorable and safe experience for all participants.

Numbers Speak

At Red Arrow Adventures, the numbers speak for themselves. With over 20 years of experience, we have successfully organized more than 500 major expeditions across India, serving thousands of satisfied adventurers. Our collaboration with the Indian Armed Forces, including over 200 specialized expeditions for the Indian Navy, showcases our expertise and reliability. We boast a 100% safety record, a testament to our stringent safety protocols and professional execution. Our team comprises over 100 certified adventure specialists, ensuring every expedition is led by seasoned experts. These impressive figures underscore our commitment to excellence and our status as a leading adventure company in India.

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